privacy statement

This website is operated for the sole private use of reporting and staying in touch with our families, friends and acquaintances during our travels. We do not generate any financial income.

Therefore, according to Chapter 1, Article 2, Paragraph 2c of the Basic Data Protection Regulation, we are exempt under EU law from the obligation to provide a DSGVO-compliant data protection declaration.

Nevertheless, we would like to explain to you which data is collected and what we do with it.

We ourselves would like our data to be handled responsibly. This website therefore does not use cookies, nor is any other user data recorded and/or stored.

This does not include the usual access data, which the web server temporarily records and saves for troubleshooting purposes (server logs). The following data is collected and stored:

Name of the requested file,
Date and time of the request,
Transmitted amount of data,
Error status and
IP address of the requesting computer.

The collected data will be automatically deleted after a defined retention period of less than 30 days, and will not be passed on or otherwise processed, except to search for and correct errors in the programming of the website, and to monitor the server load in anonymous form.

Furthermore, data entered by the user in the contact form such as name, email address and message text are excluded. These data are transferred to the server for processing, stored at short notice, and deleted from the server immediately after delivery to us. We reserve the right to store messages sent to us via the contact form, but do not pass on any data to third parties.

The renouncement of the collection and storage of data of our visitors brings it with itself that we must do without some comfortable functions of other web pages unfortunately. In particular, the integration of a frequently requested comment function in our blog would make such storage and processing necessary.

Since we do not want to take any responsibility for the security of your data (and cannot really guarantee it – no website can do that!), we adhere to the principle of data economy, and do without such data-intensive additional functions. If you know us, you know how to contact us, and if you don’t know us (yet), you can use the contact form.

How do you travel using a motorcyle and a wheelchair? We give it a try and report.


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