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A Will And A-Way - Or: Why We Travel "Nonetheless"(?!?)

Now, what is it all about?

Well, actually it’s all about a will always finding its way. People with disabilities and those without disabilities have wishes, longings and needs. And if there is the will to satisfy them, and if this will is perhaps just supported instead of obstructing the way with barriers, then there will also be a way for it.

This is our story. And it is meant to show how, despite all barriers, be they mental, physical, legal, or otherwise, we have found ways to travel the world.

And another important hint: Somehow Heike is sometimes called one of those “nevertheless people”: Against the general expectation and against all barriers, which above all non-disabled people put into their way — mostly just out of thoughtlessness —, she has consistently determined that path according to her own will. And has also gone it. In life, at work, but especially on journeys.

How often have we heard remarks about travel in the sense of “That you nonetheless travel that way!!!” in view of our way of traveling? Of course every time this was meant from nice to friendly, from admiring to (positive) envious. And we also feel appropriately flattered again and again.

But in terms of content this often seems to us to be quite different:

Heike lives with her disability and with assistance. She is doing well, and sometimes less well, as it is part of life for all people, to sometimes cope better with the circumstances and sometimes worse. So why shouldn’t she give in to her wanderlust, like everyone else who is occasionally seized by it?

And then: On the one hand, not all people with disabilities can and want to be such alleged “exceptions”. Nevertheless, they naturally want to decide freely about their lives. Even without them doing “great things” or “outgrowing their possibilities”. These people tend to be overlooked and (unconsciously) disadvantaged or underestimated if one looks too much at the “nevertheless people”. But they are there. All over the world. And they all have their dreams too, or just their needs. We want to occasionally remind you of them. Whenever we make fun of this “nevertheless” hype here, it happens with this idea in mind.

Besides: Everyone, but really everyone, who travels, at some point starts with a smaller or bigger “Nevertheless”. Whether these are handicaps (i.e. barriers), which are mostly put in your way by others, or whether it is your own fear of the unknown. Or a thousands of other reasons to stay at home. Never mind! We simply go anyway! Courage, by the way, is by no means the absence of fear. On the contrary.

And last but not least: To all those who are struggling with their fate – and there are enough of them: among people with disabilities as well as among those whose disabilities may not be visible because they are simply “non-disabled” – to all those who suffer under their lot we want to shout: “Do it Nevertheless!” It is worth it.


How do you travel using a motorcyle and a wheelchair? We give it a try and report.


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